“Serenity after Sixty”

A Workshop in Reiki Self-Care for Seniors

Serenity after 60 is a reiki workshop for seniors


Who this is for…

Seniors in Retirement Homes

My mother-in-law and late father-in-law moved into a retirement residence in 2010. While visiting I often notice that many of the residents could really use Reiki and I have used Reiki on my mother-in-law and father-in-law (prior to his passing) from time to time.

Seeing many of the residents spending much of their time sitting in wheel chairs or in chairs in their rooms or the common living space I thought that knowing how to do self care with Reiki could provide them with a huge improvement in the quality of their lives.

Those in the Pre and Early Retirement Phase

Making self-Reiki part of your lifestyle now will likely ensure that it “sticks” as you grow older. While the workplace stress may be gone or going, other stresses may come into play.

If you and your spouse are both home together, giving yourself Reiki may help with the stress of constantly being together. When you were working you each went your separate ways – you are now in an adjustment phase and Reiki can help you cope with that.

The “Sandwich” Generation

There are also many folks in the 60+ age range who are in the “sandwich generation” – they may have adult children living in their homes and also be caring for their aging parents. This presents a whole new area of stress. Self-care with Reiki can help alleviate this stress and make managing and coping with these challenges easier.

Older Seniors who are still living in their own home

I recently had a call from a lady who asked me to come to her mother’s condo and give her a Reiki session. I did a 40 minute treatment on her. While I was working on her I kept thinking, wouldn’t it be wonderful if people like her knew how to do Reiki so that they could give themselves Reiki when they needed it – in the middle of the night when she was feeling pain and couldn’t sleep, during the day while watching television.

The Workshop

2.5 Hours in Length

Learn about the history of Reiki

Receive Reiki Attunement

Learn Reiki Hand Positions for Self Care

Various ways you can use Reiki

Receive a Manual

Receive a Relaxing Guided Meditation on CD

Receive a Certificate of Completion

Your Investment: $67.80
($60 + HST)



“Julia taught Jim & I a very useful and practical course in the Serenity after Sixty program.  We found a wonderful sense of control in being able to manage our own, and help each other, with any discomfort, pain or general well being. As well as living a more comfortable lifestyle, it saves us a lot of time, money and energy by being able to contribute to our health ourselves.”

Jim & Alma

Upcoming Workshops:

If you and two or more friends would like to take this workshop, please contact me and we can arrange a day that is convenient for you. If you can arrange for a group of six or more, I can come to you with the workshop. I’ll need a small room where I can do the attunements and a larger room for the lecture. Give me a call at (905) 618-0308 if you would like to discuss further.

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