Transform Your Life with Reiki. It’s time to leave the cocoon!

Emerging from its cocoon, the beautiful, graceful butterfly takes flight. Become the butterfly you were meant to be with Reiki.

Enjoy the feelings of lightness, freedom, transformation and relaxation that Reiki can give you.


If you have never experienced a Reiki session you have no idea of the relaxation it can bring you on all levels – body, mind, spirit and soul.

The feeling has often been described as being bathed in warm sunlight.


If you have already enjoyed Reiki, why not take your Level One or “First Degree” training?  Once you  learn it you have it for life. No one can take it away from you.

It is something anyone can learn – you don’t have to be special, gifted or intuitive. That wonderful universal life force energy is available for everyone.

While having a session is amazing, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to give yourself Reiki on a daily basis or whenever you need it? Or to be able to give others the wonderful gift of relaxation?

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Make A Butterfly’s Touch Relaxation your first choice for Reiki in Oakville.

I look forward to helping you achieve better living through relaxation. As a Reiki Master and Practitioner I am fully qualified to make your Reiki experience in Oakville outstanding!


“My first session with Julia I was in a heightened state of stress, had no sleep for 3 days and was beyond exhausted.

I really didn’t know what to expect, but when the session was over I came out of it so unbelievably relaxed like I had a 2 hour massage and most of all, to my surprise with an abundance of energy.

I just started back on the treadmill two days before, so I could only manage a brisk walk up to a half an hour. After my session though I had the energy to jog on/off on an incline for an hour! I felt fantastic!”

Julie Cawthorne, Wainfleet (Note, Julie had recently been in a car accident which is why she mentions having started back on the treadmill)

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